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God's Economy - 神的经纶

English Name 中文书名 书号
The Apostles' Teaching 使徒的教训 2185
The Application of the Interpretation of the New Jerusalem to the Seeking Believers 新耶路撒冷的解释应用于寻求的信徒 2224
The Basis for the Building Work of God 神建造的论据 4006
The Building Work of God 神的建造 2032
The Central Line of the Divine Revelation 神圣启示的中心路线 2197
神中心的思想 2285
The Completing Ministry of Paul 保罗的完成职事 2261
Crucial Elements of God's Economy 神经纶的要素 2363
The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord's Recovery 主今日恢复之主要项目的重点 2198
A Deeper Study of the Divine Dispensing 关于神圣分赐更深的研读 2183
The Dispensing, Transformation, and Building of the Processed Divine Trinity in the Believers 经过过程之神圣三一在信徒里的分赐、变化、并建造 2207
The Divine Dispensing for the Divine Economy 为着神圣经纶的神圣分赐 2208
The Divine Economy 神圣的经纶 2307
The Economy and Dispensing of God 神的经纶与分赐 2181
The Economy of God and the Building up of the Body of Christ 神的经纶与基督身体的建造 3031
The Economy of God and the Mystery of the Transmission of the Divine Trinity 神的经纶与神圣三一输送的奥秘 2252
The Economy of God 神的经营 2148
Enjoying Christ as the All-inclusive Spirit for the Practical, Genuine, and Real Church Life 为着实际,真正,真实的召会生活享受基督作包罗万有的灵 2390
A General Outline of God's Economy and the Proper Living of a God-Man 神经纶的总纲与神人该有的生活 3073
God's Eternal Intention and Satan's Counterplot 神永远的心意与撒但反抗的计谋 2291
神对基督与召会的心意 2344
God's Need and God's Goal 神的需要与神的目标 2392
God's New Testament Economy 神新约的经纶 2161
The God-Men 神人 2220
The Governing and Controlling Vision in the Bible 圣经中管制并支配我们的异象 3075
从天上来的异象 2253
The High Peak of the Vision and the Reality of the Body of Christ 异象的高峰与基督身体的实际 3070
The History of God in His Union With Man 神在祂与人联结中的历史 2196
Issue of the Dispensing of the Processed Trinity and the Transmitting of the Transcending Christ 经过过程的神圣三一之分赐与超越基督之输供的结果 2201
The Issue of the Union of the Consummated Spirit of the Triune God and the Regenerated Spirit of the Believers 三一神终极完成之灵与信徒重生之灵联结的果效 2217
The Kernel of the Bible 圣经的核仁 2084
The Law and Grace of God in His Economy 神在祂经纶中的律法与恩典 2190
The Living a Life According to the High Peak of God's Revelation 过照着神启示之高峰的生活 3072
A Living of Mutual Abiding with the Lord in Spirit
完成神永远定旨的生活 2352
The Mending Ministry of John 约翰的修补职事 2262
The Ministry of the New Covenant and the Spirit 新约的职事—灵 2052
The Move of God in Man 神在人里的行动 2199
The Mysteries in God's New Testament Economy 神新约经纶中的奥秘 2176
One Body, One Spirit, and One New Man 一个身体一位灵一个新人 2059
The Organic Union in God's Relationship with Man 在神与人关系里生机的联结 2200
Our Vision - Christ and the Church 我们的异象-基督与教会 2031
The Practical Way to Live a Life According to the High Peak of the Divine Revelation in the Holy Scriptures 过照着圣经中神圣启示高峰之生活实行的路 3074
The Prayer Ministry of the Church 教会祷告的职事 2017
在神新造中神与人的关系 2348
Remaining in the Unique New Testament Ministry of God's Economy under the Proper Leadership in His Move 在神行动中正确的领导下留在神经纶独一的新约职事里 3125
The Revelation of the Mystery 奥秘的启示 2057
The Satanic Chaos in the Old Creation and the Divine Economy for the New Creation 在旧造里撒但的混乱以及为着新造的神圣经纶 2193
The Ten Great Critical “Ones” for the Building Up of the Body of Christ 为着基督身体之建造十大紧要的‘一’ 3076
The Triune God's Revelation and His Move 三一神的启示与行动 2240
Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel - The Four Great Pillars in the Lord's Recovery 真理,生命,召会,福音一主恢复中的四大支柱 2281
The Two Great Mysteries in God's Economy 神经纶中的两大奥秘 2311
The World Situation and God's Move 世界局势与神的行动 3042
The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord's Move 世界局势与主行动的方向 3058

The Triune God - 三一神

English Name 中文书名 书号
Concerning the Triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Spirit 关于父子灵三而一的神 2046
The Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity 神圣三一的神圣分赐 2215
The Divine Trinity as Revealed in the Holy Word 圣言中所启示的神圣三一 2387
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob 亚伯拉罕以撒雅各的神 2062
Living In and With the Divine Trinity 在神圣三一里并同神圣三一活着 2187

Christ - 基督

English Name 中文书名 书号
The All-Inclusive Christ 包罗万有的基督 2039
基督的中心与普及 2209
Christ and the Church Revealed and Typified in the Psalms 诗篇中所启示并预表的基督与召会 4089
基督是召会的内容,召会是基督的彰显 2254
Christ as the Reality 基督是实际 2042
书信中作为那灵的基督 2336
Christ in His Excellency 至宝的基督 2191
Christ is All Spiritual Matters and Things 基督是一切属灵的事物 2043
Christ our Portion 基督是我们的分 2248
Christ Revealed in the New Testament 新约中所启示的基督 2147
Christ versus Religion 基督与宗教相对 2250
Concerning the Person of Christ 关于基督的身位 2047
Experiencing Christ as the Offerings for the Church Meetings 为着召会聚会经历基督作祭物 2353
The Four Major Steps of Christ
The Heavenly Ministry of Christ 基督天上的职事 2145
The Indwelling Christ in the Canon of the New Testament 内住的基督 2067
The King's Antecedents and Status 王对各面的风度
The Mystery of God and the Mystery of Christ 神的奥秘与基督的奥秘 2330
The Recovery of Christ as Everything in the Church 恢复基督在召会中作一切 2374
The Recovery of Christ in the Present Evil Age 现今邪恶世代中基督的恢复 2379
The Wonderful Being of Christ 基督奇妙的所是 2189
The Wonderful Christ in the Canon of the New Testament 新约圣经中奇妙的基督 2300

Life - 生命

English Name 中文书名 书号
Abiding in the Lord to Enjoy His Life 住在主里面,享受主生命 2216
Abraham–Called by God
The All-Inclusive Indwelling Spirit 包罗万有内住的灵 2383
Authority and Submission 权柄与顺服 2034
An Autobiography of a Person in the Spirit 一个在灵里之人的自传 2221
The Baptism in the Holy Spirit 在圣灵里的浸 2275
Basic Lessons on Life 生命的基本功课 2202
Basic Principles of the Experience of Life 生命经历的基本原则 2301
Being Delivered from Religious Rituals and Walking according to the Spirit 脱离宗教仪文随从灵 2384
The Believer's Experience of Transformation 信徒对变化的经历 2337
The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of the Spirit 人的破碎与灵的出来 2028
Christ Making His Home in Our Heart and the Building Up of the Church 基督的安家与召会的建造 2358
The Christian Life 基督徒的生活 2203
Conformation to the Image of the Son of God 模成神儿子的形像 2177
The Consummation of God's Salvation 神救恩的终结 2389
Contacting the Lord, Being Filled in Spirit, and Having Proper Christian Meetings for the Accomplishment of God's Eternal Purpose 接触主,在灵里被充满,并有正确的基督徒聚会,以完成神永远的定旨 2342
Crucial Aspects of the Experience of Christ Revealed in Paul's Epistles 保罗书信中所启示经历基督极重要的方面 2380
The Crucial Revelation of Life in the Scriptures 圣经中关于生命的重要启示 2267
The Crucified Christ 基督并祂钉十字架 2283
Dead to Law but Living to God 向律法死向神活 2270
Dealing with Our Inward Parts for the Growth in Life 为着生命的长大对付我们内里的诸部分 2326
The Divine and Mystical Realm 神圣奥秘的范围 3078
The Divine Spirit with the Human Spirit in the Epistles 书信中神的灵同人的灵 2350
Enjoying Christ as the Word and the Spirit through Prayer 借着祷告享受基督是话又是灵 2331
Enjoying the Riches of Christ for the Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ 享受基督的丰富以建造召会作基督的身体 2319
The Enjoyment of Christ for His Increase 享受基督使祂得扩增 2302
The Enjoyment of Christ for the Body in 1 Corinthians 哥林多前书中为着基督的身体享受基督 2359
The Enjoyment of Christ 享受基督 2260
The Exercise of Our Spirit for the Release of the Spirit 灵的操练与灵的释放 2345
The Exercise of Our Spirit 灵的操练 2349
The Exercise of the Spirit and the Building of God 灵的操练与神的建造 3151
The Experience and Growth in Life 生命的经历与长大 2171
The Experience of Christ as Life for the Building Up of the Church 经历基督作生命为着召会的建造 2280
The Experience of Christ in Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians 加拉太以弗所腓立比歌罗西书中的经历基督 2313
The Experience of Christ 经历基督 2269
The Experience of God's Organic Salvation Equaling Reigning in Christ's Life 经历神生机的救恩等于在基督的生命中作王 2244
The Experience of Life 生命的经历 2024
The Experiencing Christ as the Inner Life 经历基督作内里的生命 2343
Experiencing the Mingling of God with Man for the Oneness of the Body of Christ 为着基督身体的一经历神人调和 2346
Fellowshipping with the Lord for the Mingling of God with Man 交通与神人调和 2395
The Flesh and the Spirit 人的肉体与人的灵 2218
The Fulfillment of God's Purpose by the Growth of Christ in Us 基督在信徒里面长大使神的定旨得完成 2272
The Fullness of God 神的丰满 2347
Further Talks on the Knowledge of Life 再论生命的认识 2297
God's Overcomers 神的得胜者 2146
God's Salvation in Life 神生命的救恩 2195
God's Way in Life 神的生命之路 2180
The God-Man Living 神人的生活 2239
The Healthy Word 健康的话 2373
The Holy Spirit and Reality 圣灵与实际 2020
How God Becomes Man's Enjoyment 神如何成为人的享受 2394
How to Be a Co-worker and an Elder and How to Fulfill Their Obligations 如何作同工与长老,并如何履行同工与长老的义务 3077
How to Enjoy God and How to Practice the Enjoyment of God 如何享受神及操练 2018
The Importance of Living Christ by Walking According to the Spirit 照着灵而行以活基督的重要 2391
Incarnation, Inclusion, and Intensification 基督的三个时期一成肉体,总括与加强 2242
The Issue of Christ Being Glorified by the Father with the Divine Glory 基督为父用神圣的荣耀所荣耀的结果 2243
The Jubilee 禧年 2204
Knowing and Experiencing God as Life 认识并经历神作生命 2396
Knowing Life and the Church 认识生命与召会 3114
The Knowledge of Life 生命的认识 2023
The Law of Revival 召会的事奉与复兴的律 3159
Lessons for New Believers 新人课程
Lessons on Prayer 祷告 2050
Life and Building as Portrayed in the Song of Songs 雅歌中所描绘的生命与建造 4091
Life and Building in the Gospel of John 约翰福音中的生命与建造 2397
The Life and Way for the Practice of the Church Life 实行召会生活的生命与道路 3086
Life Messages (2 volume set) 生命信息(合订本) 2219
Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41) 生命信息(卷一) 2219-1
Life Messages, Vol. 2 (#42-75) 生命信息(卷二) 2219-2
The Living and Practical Way to Enjoy Christ 享受基督活而实际的路 2222
Living Christ 活出基督 2075
The Living God and the God of Resurrection 活神与复活的神 2393
Living In the Spirit 活在灵中 2054
A Living of Mutual Abiding with the Lord in Spirit 在灵里与主互住的生活 2205
Living with the Lord 与主同活 2055
The Lord's Recovery of Eating 主的恢复—吃 2048
The Meaning of Human Life and a Proper Consecration 人生的意义与正确的奉献 2386
Messages for Building Up New Believers (3 volume set) 初信造就上中下 2026
Messages for Building Up New Believers, Vol. 1 初信造就上 2026-1
Messages for Building Up New Believers, Vol. 2 初信造就中 2026-2
Messages for Building Up New Believers, Vol. 3 初信造就下 2026-3
The New Covenant 什么是新约 2030
The Normal Christian Life 正常的基督徒生活 2019
The Operation of God and the Anointing 神的运行与膏油的涂抹 2398
The Organic Aspect of God's Salvation 神救恩生机的一面 2225
Our Human Spirit 我们人的灵 2287
Our Urgent Need - Spirit and Life 我们急切的需要一灵与生命 2166
The Overcoming Life 得胜的生命 2144
The Passover 逾越节的羔羊 1012
The Path of Our Growth in Life 生命长大的路线 2266
Practical Lessons on the Experience of Life 生命经历的实际功课 2315
The Practical Way to Live in the Mingling of God with Man 活在神人调和中实际的路 2341
The Pure in Heart 清心的人 2268
Salvation in Life in the Book of Romans 罗马书中的生命救恩 2178
The Secret of Experiencing Christ 经历基督的秘诀 2365
The Secret of God's Organic Salvation: “The Spirit Himself with our Spirit” 神生机救恩的秘诀一‘那灵自己同我们的灵’ 2241
The Song of Songs 歌中的歌 4004
The Spirit and the Body 那灵与基督的身体 2327
The Spirit in the Epistles 书信中的灵 2040
The Spirit with Our Spirit 那灵同我们的灵 2210
The Spirit 那灵 2174
The Spiritual Man (3 volume set) 属灵人(上) 2022-1
The Spiritual Man (3 volume set) 属灵人(中) 2022-2
The Spiritual Man (3 volume set) 属灵人(下) 2022-3
Spiritual Reality 属灵的实际 2282
The Subjective Experience of the Indwelling Christ 主观经历内住的基督 2206
Taking Christ as Our Person for the Church Life 为着召会生活接受基督作人位 2385
To Be Saved in the Life of Christ as Revealed in Romans 罗马书中所启示在基督的生命里得救 2306
The Tree of Life 生命树 2251
The Two Spirits in Romans 罗马书中的二灵 2382
The Ultimate Significance of the Golden Lampstand 金灯台的终极意义 2061
The Way for a Christian to Mature in Life 基督徒生命成熟的路 2294
Words of Life from the 1988 Full-Time Training 生命的话 2168
The Work of the Holy Spirit 圣灵的工作 2289

The Church - 召会

English Name 中文书名 书号
1993 Blending Conference Messages Concerning the Lord's Recovery and Our Present Need 关于主的恢复和我们当前的需要 3064
The Administration of the Church and the Ministry of the Word 召会的治理与话语职事 3124
The Assembly Life 聚会的生活
Basic Principles for the Practice of the Church Life 实行召会生活的基本原则 3091
Being Up-to-date for the Rebuilding of the Temple 跟上时代重建圣殿 3092
The Blueprint and the Ground for the Building Up of the Church 召会建造的蓝图与立场 3147
The Body of Christ 基督的身体 3032
A Brief Presentation of the Lord's Recovery 主恢复的简说 2186
The Building of God 神建造的概论 2288
The Building of the Church 召会的建造 3133
The Building Up of the Body of Christ 基督身体的建造 3034
Church Affairs 教会的事务 3007
The Church as the Body of Christ 召会是基督的身体 2314
The Church Life in the Lord's Recovery Today 主今日恢复中的召会生活 3044
The Church, the Reprint of the Spirit 召会是那灵的翻版 2249
Concerning the Lord's Day Message Meeting 关于擘饼聚会与生命追求的指引 3107
Concerning the Lord's Recovery 关于主的恢复 2150
The Constitution and the Building Up of the Body of Christ 基督身体的构成与建造 3062
Crucial Principles for the Christian Life and the Church Life 基督徒生活与召会生活极重要的原则 3138
Crucial Principles for the Proper Church Life 正当召会生活极重要的原则 3137
The Excelling Gift for the Building Up of the Church 建造召会的超越恩赐 3039
The Exercise of the Kingdom for the Building of the Church 国度的操练为着教会的建造 2021
Five Emphases in the Lord's Recovery 主恢复中的五个重点 3106
Further Light Concerning the Building Up of the Body of Christ 关于建造基督身体更进一步的亮光 3036
Further Talks on the Church Life 教会的路 3013
A Genuine Church 认识教会 3008
The Genuine Ground of Oneness 一的真正立场 3023
The Glorious Church 圣洁没有瑕疵 2033
God's Eternal Plan 神永远的计划 2304
The Ground of the Church and the Meetings of the Church 召会的立场与召会的聚会 3116
The Ground of the Church and the Service of the Body 召会的立场与身体的事奉 3127
Guidelines for the Lord's Table Meeting and the Pursuit in Life 关于擘饼聚会与生命追求的指引 3107
The History of the Church and the Local Churches 召会与地方召会的历史 3153
How to Administrate the Church 如何治理召会 3112
The Intrinsic View of the Body of Christ 基督身体的内在观点 3060
The Lord's Recovery and the Present Situation of Religion 主的恢复以及宗教的现况 3134
The Mystery of Christ 基督的奥秘 2247
The Normal Christian Church Life 工作的再思 3004
The Normal Way of Fruit-bearing and Shepherding for the Building Up of the Church 为着召会的建造正常结果子和牧养的路 3130
The One New Man 一个新人 2298
The Oneness and the One Accord according to the Lord's Aspiration and the Body Life and Service according to His Pleasure 主所渴望的合一与同心并祂所喜悦的身体生活与事奉 3055
Organic Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ to be the Organism of the Processed and Dispensing Triune God 生机建造的召会作基督的身体 3046
The Organism of the Triune God in the Organic Union of His Divine Trinity 三一神在祂神圣三一生机联结里的生机体 3033
The Orthodoxy of the Church 教会的正统 3005
The Overcomers 得胜者 2194
The Perfecting of the Saints and the Building Up of the Body of Christ 成全圣徒与基督身体的建造 3030
The Perfecting of the Saints and the Building Up of the House of God 成全圣徒与神家的建造 3126
The Practical Expression of the Church 召会实际的彰显 3089
Practical Points Concerning Blending 关于相调的实行 3071
The Priesthood and God's Building 祭司职分与神的建造 3148
The Producing and Building Up of the Church as the Totality of the Divine Sonship 召会作神圣儿子名分之总和的产生与建造 2362
The Recovery of God's House and God's City 神殿与神城的恢复 2089
The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches 七灵—为着众地方召会 2295
The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church Life 召会生活的专特,包容与实行 3139
The Testimony and the Ground of the Church 教会的见证与立场 3002
The Testimony of Jesus 耶稣的见证 2355
A Thorough View of the Body of Christ 对基督身体的透视 3056
Three Aspects of the Church: Book 1, The Meaning of the Church 召会的三方面之一—召会的意义 3101
Three Aspects of the Church: Book 2, The Course of the Church 召会的三方面之二—召会的历程 3102
Three Aspects of the Church: Book 3, The Organization of the Church 召会的三方面之三—召会的组织 3103
Truth Messages 真理信息 2256
The Two Greatest Prayers of the Apostle Paul 使徒保罗两个最大的祷告 2276
The Vision and Experience of the Corporate Christ 团体基督的异象与经历 2369
The Vision of God's Building 神建造的异象 2296
The Vision of the Building of the Church 教会建造的异象 3006
The Vision, Practice and Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ 召会作基督身体的异象,实行与建造 3132
Vital Factors for the Recovery of the Church Life 召会生活之恢复极重要的因素 3094

The Kingdom - 国度

English Name 中文书名 书号
A Brief Definition of the Kingdom of the Heavens 诸天之国的要义 2164
The Kingdom and the Church 国度与召会 2277
The Kingdom 国度 2213
What the Kingdom Is to the Believers 国度之于信徒 2328

The Study of the Bible - 读经

English Name 中文书名 书号
The Basic Revelation in the Holy Scriptures 圣经中的基本启示 2172
Conclusion of the New Testament 新约总论 4063
Crucial Truths in the Holy Scriptures 圣经要道 4010
Crystallization-Study of Song of Songs 雅歌结晶读经 4132
Crystallization-Study of the Complete Salvation of God in Romans 罗马书中神完整的救恩结晶读经 4160
Crystallization-Study of the Epistle of James 雅各书结晶读经 4128
Crystallization-Study of the Epistle to the Romans 罗马书结晶读经 4086
Crystallization-Study of the Gospel of John 约翰福音结晶读经 4157
Crystallization-Study of the Humanity of Christ 基督的人性结晶读经 4159
The Five Great Mysteries in the Bible 圣经中的五大奥秘 2188
The Four Crucial Elements of the Bible – Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church 圣经的四要素—基督、那灵、生命、召会 2238
The Fulfillment of the Tabernacle and the Offerings in the Writings of John 约翰著作中帐幕和祭物的应验 4027
The Full Knowledge of the Word of God 完全明白神的话 2154
General Sketch of the New Testament in the Light of Christ and the Church 由基督与召会的观点看新约概要(卷一) 4161-1
由基督与召会的观点看新约概要(卷二) 4161-2
由基督与召会的观点看新约概要(卷三) 4161-3
由基督与召会的观点看新约概要(卷四) 4161-4
How to Study the Bible 读经之路 4009
On Knowing the Bible 认识圣经 4002
The Prophecy of the Four “Sevens” in the Bible 圣经中四个七的预言 4051
Seven Mysteries in the First Epistle of John 约翰壹书中的七个奥秘 2329
The Subjective Truths in the Holy Scriptures 圣经中的主观真理 2063
Ten Lines in the Bible 圣经的十条路线 4008
The Vision of the Universal Woman and the Man-Child 宇宙妇人与男孩子的异象 2370

The Gospel - 福音

English Name 中文书名 书号
A Blessed Human Life 福乐的人生 2310
Christ Being the Burden of the Gospel 基督是福音的负担 2351
Fact, Faith, and Experience 事实,信心与经历 2318
Glad Tidings to Fallen Man
Gospel of God, The (2 volume set) 神的福音(一~二) 2179
The Gospel of Life 生命的福音
Gospel Outlines 福音提纲 2070
The Life for the Preaching of the High Gospel 传扬高品福音的生活 2320
The Mystery of the Universe and the Meaning of Human Life 宇宙的奥秘与人生的意义 2309
The Normal Christian Faith 正常的基督徒信仰 1043
Preaching the Gospel in the Way of Life 凭生命的路传扬福音 3120
Questions on the Gospel 福音问题 2036
Serving in the Meetings and in the Gospel 在聚会中并在福音上的事奉 3099

The New Way - 新路

English Name 中文书名 书号
The Advance of the Lord's Recovery Today 主今日恢复的进展 3119
Bearing Remaining Fruit (2 volume set) 结常存的果子(上下册) 3090
Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel 迫切并专一为福音而活 3088
Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord's Recovery, Book 1: The Vision and Definite Steps for the Practice of the New Way 主恢复中划时代的带领(一)新路实行的异象与具体步骤 3081-1
Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord's Recovery, Book 2: Leading the Saints to Practice the New Way Ordained by the Lord 主恢复中划时代的带领(二)带领圣徒实行主所命定的新路 3081-2
Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord's Recovery, Book 3: The Future of the Lord's Recovery and the Building Up of the Organic Service 主恢复中划时代的带领(三)主恢复的前景与生机事奉的建立 3081-3
Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord's Recovery, Book 4: The Increase and Spread of the Church 主恢复中划时代的带领(四)召会的扩增与开展 3081-4
Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord's Recovery, Book 5: Concerning Various Aspects of Church Service 主恢复中划时代的带领(五)召会分项事奉的建立 3081-5
(No English title yet) 主恢复中划时代的带领(六)人人尽功用使召会得扩增 3081-6
The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way 神命定之路的操练与实行 3040
Fellowship Concerning the Urgent Need of the Vital Groups 关于活力排之急切需要的交通 3061
The Furtherance of the New Way for the Lord's Recovery 推动主恢复的新路 3084
The God-Ordained Way to Practice the New Testament Economy 神命定实行新约经纶的路 3045
Guidelines for the Propagation of the Lord's Recovery 普及主恢复的指引 3128
The Home Meetings, The Unique Way for the Increase and for the Building Up of the Church 家中聚会-召会扩增与建造独特的路 3100
Key Points on the Home Meetings 小排聚会的关键 2158
The Living Needed for Building Up the Small Group Meetings 建造小排聚会所需要的生活 2159
Meeting to Speak the Word of God 聚会来说神的话 2156
Messages in Preparation for the Spread of the Gospel 为着福音开展的信息 2167
The Organic Practice of the New Way 新路生机的实行 3035
The Practice of Prophesying 申言的实行 2184
The Practice of the Church Life according to the God-ordained Way 照着神命定之路召会生活的实行 3067
The Practice of the Group Meetings 排聚会的实行 3053
The Present Advance of the Lord's Recovery 主恢复当前的进展 3104
The Prophesying in the Church Meetings for the Organic Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ (Outlines)
Riches and Fullness of Christ and the Advanced Recovery of the Lord Today 基督的丰富并丰满与主今日前进的恢复 3043
Rising Up to Preach the Gospel 速兴起传福音 2245
The Scriptural Way to Meet and to Serve for the Building Up of the Body of Christ (Hardbound) 为着建造基督的身体那合乎圣经的聚会与事奉之路 3113
Speaking for God 为神说话 2284
Speaking Poems in the Church Meetings for the Organic Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ (Outlines)
Talks Concerning the Church Services (Part 1) 关于召会事奉的谈话 3047
Three Crucial Matters for the Increase and Building Up of the Church: Begetting, Nourishing, and Teaching 扩建召会的三要事-生养教 3115
A Timely Trumpeting and the Present Need 当前的角声与当前的需要 3028
A Timely Word 应时的话 3029
The Training and the Practice of the Vital Groups 活力排的训练与实行 3065
The Up-to-Date Presentation of the God-Ordained Way and the Signs Concerning the Coming of Christ 神命定之路最新的陈明与基督来临的兆头 3057
The Vision of the Divine Dispensing and Guidelines for the Practice of the New Way 神圣分赐的异象与新路实行的指引 2182
The Vital Groups 活力排 3079
The Way to Practice the Lord's Present Move 实行主当前行动之路 3109
The Way to Practice the Lord's Present Recovery 实行主当前恢复之路 3038

Christian Practice - 基督徒的实行

English Name 中文书名 书号
Being Renewed Day by Day 日日在更新 2173
Character 性格 3020
The Character of the Lord's Worker 主工人的性格 3011
Eating the Lord 吃主 2058
Everyone Speaking the Word of God 人人要说神的话 2155
Messages Given to the Working Saints 给在职圣徒的信息 2170
The Ministry of the New Testament Priests of the Gospel 新约福音祭司的尽职 3041
The New Testament Priests of the Gospel 新约福音的祭司 3037
The New Testament Service 新约的事奉 2051
The Proper Way for Believers to Meet and to Serve 信徒聚会并事奉的正路 3083
The Pursuit of a Christian 基督徒的趋向 2265

Service - 事奉

English Name 中文书名 书号
All Ages for the Lord's Testimony 各种年龄者都为主的见证 3027
Basic Lessons on Service 事奉的基本功课 3069
Basic Principles for the Service in the Church Life 召会生活中事奉的基本原则 3093
Being Apt to Teach and Holding the Mystery of the Faith 善于教导与固守真道的奥秘 3085
The Bridge and Channel of God 神的桥梁与出路 2322
The Central Vision for Serving the Church 召会事奉的中心异象 3158
Functioning in Life as Gifts Given to the Body of Christ 在生命中尽基督身体恩赐的功用 3121
The Glorious Vision and the Way of the Cross 荣耀的异象与十字架的道路 2169
How to Be Useful to the Lord 如何为主用 2299
How to Meet 如何聚会 3108
Messages Given During the Resumption of Watchman Nee's Ministry (2 volume set) 倪柝声恢复职事过程中信息记录(上下册) 3059
The Ministry of God's Word 神话语的职事 3010
The Proper Aggressiveness of the Lord's Serving Ones 事奉主者该有的进取 2356
The Service for Building Up the House of God 建造神家的事奉 3152
Service for the Building Up of the Church 建造召会的事奉 3157
Serving in the Flow of the Age 在时代的水流中事奉 3162
Shepherding the Church and Perfecting the Young People 召会中的牧养与青年人的成全 3144
The Spirit and the Service in Spirit 灵与灵的事奉 3001
Spiritual Applications of the Tabernacle 帐幕的属灵应用 2305
The Sufficiency, Pursuit, and Learning of the Lord's Serving Ones 事奉主者的资格,追求与学习 3145
A Summary of the Study of the New Testament Way of Christian Service 新约中基督徒事奉之路研究的概要 3052
To Serve in the Human Spirit 在人的灵里事奉 3135
Vessels Useful to the Lord 作主合用的器皿 2246
The Vision of the Age 时代的异象 3111
The Vision, Living and Work of the Lord's Serving Ones 事奉主者的异象,生活与工作 2377
The Vision, Ministry, and Leading of the Lord's Serving Ones 事奉主者的异象、职事与引导 3154
A Word of Love to the Co-workers, Elders, Lovers, and Seekers of the Lord 对同工长老们以及爱主寻求主者爱心的话 3087

Training - 训练

English Name 中文书名 书号
The Apostles' Teaching and The New Testament Leadership 使徒的教训与新约中的领导 3049
Basic Principles Concerning the Eldership 关于长老职分的基本原则 3149
Basic Training 基础训练 2357
The Elders' Management of the Church 长老治会 3009
Elders' Training (11 volume set) 长老训练(十一册) 3025
Further Consideration of the Eldership, the Region of Work, and the Care for the Body of Christ
The God-Ordained Way and the Eldership
Instruction and Exhortation to the Trainees 对受训者的指导与劝勉 2335
The Intrinsic Problem in the Lord's Recovery Today and Its Scriptural Remedy 今日主恢复中内在的难处及其合乎圣经的救治 3054
Leadership in the New Testament 新约中的领导 7996
Life Lessons (Set, vol. 1-4) 生命课程(卷一~卷四) 2162
Messages to the Trainees in Fall 1990 一九九零年秋全时间训练信息合辑
The Ministry of the New Testament and the Teaching and Fellowship of the Apostles 新约的职事以及使徒的教训和交通 3080
One Body and One Spirit 一个身体和一位灵 3063
An Opening Word to the Full-Time Trainees Concerning Regulations and Opinions 对全时间受训者开训的话-关于规律与意见 2321
Perfecting Training 成全训练信息 2123
Practical Talks to the Elders 与长老们在实行一面的谈话 3123
The Present Turmoil in the Lord's Recovery and the Direction of the Lord's Move Today 主恢复中当前的风波与主今日行动的方向 3048
The Problems Causing the Turmoils in the Church Life 召会生活中引起风波的难处 3066
The Revelation and Vision of God 神的启示和异象 2255
The Triune God to Be Life to the Tripartite Man 三一神作三部分人的生命 2175
Truth Lessons, Level 1 (4 volume set) 真理课程一级(卷一~卷四) 2157
Words of Training for the New Way, Vol. 1

The Young People - 青少年

English Name 中文书名 书号
Fellowship with the Young People 与青年人的交通 2279
The Four Men in the Bible 圣经中的四个人 2388
Leading the Young People with the Word and the Spirit 用话与灵带领少年人 3146
Lesson Book, Level 1: Salvation—God's Full Salvation
Lesson Book, Level 2: The Triune God—The Triune God and the Person and Work of Christ
Lesson Book, Level 3: Two Spirits—Two Spirits - the Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit
Lesson Book, Level 4: Knowing and Experiencing Life
Lesson Book, Level 5: The Church—The Vision and Building Up of the Church
Lesson Book, Level 6: The Bible—The Word of God
Men Who Turn the Age 转移时代的人 2001
Preaching the Gospel on the College Campuses 在大专校园传扬福音 3098
Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life 为着召会生活培育下一代 3155
Teachers' Training 教师训练 2323
一个在神计划中的青年人 2278
Young People's Training 主恢复中应有的认识 2081

Miscellaneous - 其他

English Name 中文书名 书号
God's Plan of Redemption 神救赎的计划 2029
The Truth Concerning the Ultimate Goal of God's Economy 关于神经纶终极目标的真理 2212
Watchman Nee's Testimony 倪柝声弟兄三次公开的见证 5003
Watchman Nee – A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age 今时代神圣启示的先见一倪柝声 5024
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